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Governance and risk

The Board is responsible for providing leadership for the Group. It ensures that the right strategy is set, acceptable risks are taken and appropriate financial and human resources are in place in order to deliver value to shareholders and benefits to the wider community. The Board also sets standards for ethical behaviour and for monitoring environmental and health and safety performance. You can find out more about our governance in our Corporate governance report, and risk in Our principal risks and how we manage them.


The Board aligns the Company's remuneration policy with shareholders' interests. Pay and rewards should attract the best people to the business and incentivise them to produce superior returns for shareholders. A substantial part of our Executive Directors' reward is performance-related pay, with incentives to exceed industry benchmarks and outperform our peer group in terms of Total Shareholder Return. You can read more about remuneration in the Directors' remuneration report.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility plays a key role in how we create and protect value. By striking the right balance between the economic, environmental and social aspects of our activities we make Land Securities a more successful and sustainable business. Our aim is to be the property company people choose to work for, work with and invest in. You can read more about corporate responsibility in our Corporate Responsibility report.

From the left: Martin Greenslade (Chief Financial Officer), Robert Noel (Chief Executive) and Richard Akers (Executive Director).

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